Thought leadership is a fresh and sustainable Search Engine Optimization approach

Conventional Search Engine Optimization-using key word optimization and link construction to enlarge your pages’ search results- is your ticket to high positions on Google. After the ongoing algorithm upgrades through the entire year of Google, the search giant has started rewarding higher-quality content with higher search positions. Despite attempts by content creators and some businesses to deceive their manners to the very best of results pages, high-quality content predominates over the old keyword-stuffing approaches of yesteryear.

As an example, to my personal posts, I have found a remarkable difference in traffic in my very own writing throughout the last year roughly because my team and I’ve continued to perfect our content-creation procedures to align with just what our market is searching for. Because the latest algorithm of Google understands this piece of content is made to offer value that is unique to my person readership, it rewards the post having a higher ranking to allow it to be simpler for readers to discover.

As a marketer, your priority needs to be to give you your audience with perfect content, not to release trash content in hopes that it will get you.